Mobile phone and camera policy

Policy statement

We take steps to ensure that there are effective procedures in place to protect children, young people, and vulnerable adults from the unacceptable use of mobile phones and cameras in the setting.


Personal Mobile Phones

  • Personal mobile phones belonging to members of staff are not used on the premises during working hours unless on break in the Robin room or in the grounds of Pre-School The personal phone must remain in a pocket or bag until inside the Robin room or away from the children.
  • At the beginning of each staff member’s shift, personal mobile phones are stored in locked lockers.
  • Mobile phones must remain in the lockers until all children have vacated the pre-school (unless on break as stated above).
  • In the event of an emergency, personal mobile phones may be used in the privacy of the Robin room, with permission from the manager.
  • Members of staff ensure that the telephone number of the pre-school is known to immediate family and other people who need to contact them in an emergency.
  • If members of staff take their own mobile phones on outings, for use in the case of an emergency, they must not make or receive personal calls as this will distract them.
  • Members of staff will not use their personal mobile phones for taking photographs of children on outings.
  • Parents and visitors are requested not to use their mobile phones whilst on the premises. There is an exception if a visitor’s company or organisation operates a lone working policy that requires contact with their office periodically throughout the day. Visitors will be advised of a quiet space where they can use their mobile phone, where there are no children present.
  • The Pre-School mobile is used to inform parents of their child’s day through photos on a closed Facebook page. Once these photos have been downloaded onto this page they will be deleted from the phone.
  • The Pre-School phone will never be taken into the toilets or cloakroom.

Cameras and videos

  • Members of staff must not bring their own cameras or video recorders into the pre-school.
  • Photographs and recordings of children are only taken for valid reasons, i.e. to record their learning and development, or for displays within the setting.
  • Photographs or recordings of children are only taken on equipment belonging to the pre-school.
  • Camera and video use is monitored by the pre-school manager.
  • Where parents request permission to photograph or record their own children at special events, permission will first be gained from all parents for their children to be included. There will also be an announcement to state no photos of other children can be shared on any social media.
  • Photographs and recordings of children are only taken of children if there is written permission to do so (found on the individual child’s Registration Form).

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