We have a clear vision of what we would like the children to achieve whilst on their journey with us which will support them as they go through life.
Happiness – To feel safe, secure and happy.

  • Wellbeing –  To have a positive sense of self and confidence in their abilities
  • Kindness –  To show kindness, respect and be considerate to others.
  • Gratitude- To be thankful for what we have
  • Communication – To be able to communicate their needs, wishes ad beliefs in a variety of ways
  • Challenge and commitment – To challenge the children and foster a love for learning
  • Equal – Ensure every child has equal opportunities
  • Partnership – To create strong partnerships with parents and carers
  • Celebrate – To celebrate ones own and others achievements. To celebrate diversity.

Throughout each child’s time with us we focus on our vision and we are also passionate about supporting children to regulate their emotions (This has been noted as a development need especially since Covid).

All staff are trained in Wiltshire’s Five to Thrive programme which enables us to use different strategies to support a child through their various emotions. These strategies/ books/activities support a child in recognising the emotion and finding ways to regulate these emotions through support from an adult and also through self-regulation.

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